Hi, i have dell dimension 3000


i had a LaCie 160 gb external hd


it stopped working [ even when the power was on] so i opened it and found that the hard drive was a


Western Digital WD Caviar SE
Enhanced IDE Hard Drive


so i want to install this into my computer and i need some help.


i added pictures. to make it easier.

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pcs generally have 1 or 2 ide channels

each channel can hold 2 devices, a master and a slave. you tell a device whether its a master or a slave by moving the position of a jumper on the pins at the back of the drive


take the usual antistatic and antielectrocution precautions then just screw in, attatch power and ide , make sure its set to slave.

when the pc boots up go into the bios (i think its f2 on dells, it should say) and see if the disk is detected. If it shows up then good, if not then you have a problem

When windows starts up (give it time to detect it) go control panel -> admin tools -> computer management -> disk management tab. This is where you can assign drive letters , partition and format things. If it shows up in my computer initally then you dont need to worry about this part


The optimum set up would be to have both hdds on the same IDE cable, the slower drive will dictate the speed of the devices set as master and slave.

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