I'm not positive if this is even a video card problem but that is my best guess. So first here are the specs on the new computer I bought

ATX BB System w/ecs AIT RC410 MB
Intel 915 dual core PD 2.8 GHz CPU (775) 2x2 MB {800MHz FSB}
512MB of PC4200 DDRAM2
160 GB Hitachi HDD with SATA 2-300, 8 MB CACHE 7200RPM
Video driver updated to CATALYST 7.2

Now my problem is that any time there is excessive movement on the screen (i.e. SIMS 2) there seems to be tranclucent wavy lines that appear throught the screen (almost like a haze). I'm pretty sure it has to do with the graphics card but I find it odd that the same thing happens when the windows download screen is up and going at a fast pace.

I've changed changed the display setting from 32 bit to 16 but that was to no avail. Also saw that there might have been a little conflict with ati's CATALYST 7.2 so I went to 7.1, but again no change. If anyone has any ideas it would be a major help.

If it is new and under warranty have them fix it.sounds like either a bad video card or monitor.

Also do you have flouresent lights or anything that could cause interference.

To narrow it down to the video card hook the monitor to another PC and see if it does it.