Recently I was upgradinga freinds computer with a DVD/CD burner and a video capture card so that he could capture all his old videos onto DVD and then toss them.

The first problem that came up was that a 250W psu was not big enough to run 2 drives and the extra capture card so i upgraded and it appeared to start fine until it got to windows.

When windows starts up it would get to the end of that white bar( i dont know if there is a technical term for this),just before the windows logo appears, that shows as the kernal is booting up and then it would just stop and sit there for hours on end with that white bar showing until i would turn it off.

I was just wondering if anyone has any ideas as to what i might be able to do in order to solve this problem.

make sure you got the jumpers on the drives set master the other slave.

If it is a brand name the HDD is normally set to Cable select and so is the CD/DVD, set the HDD to master and one of the CD/DVD to master the other to slave.

had the same thing today in one of my storage servers. turned out of the the hdd's died