Hard Disk - One Partition Unaccessible...!!!


I have attached three hard disks and have booted from one hard disk...but why one of
partition (partition J ) of another hard disk is not getting accessed from the hard disk
from which i have booted.

Normally i was able to access it in the past. Restarted but does not help. Also when I try
to access the same partition J by booting from its own hard disk; its accessible; this
means there is nothing wrong in partition J.

Any idea / suggestion as to how i can access partition J data while being booted from
another hard disk.

Thanks for ur anticipated help.

Best Regards


sunandoghosh at gmail dot com

p.s. The relevant screenshots are attached below:




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it's a common error, you need to restore all of the data and then delete the partition and reformat it, to recover staff try using getDataBack for Fat or NTFS, it would help.

Hi all

I am in serious trouble. i am not able to access my c: drive(when i open my computer it is shown like (Access Denied (c:) wherever i click on the icon it says c:\ not accessable. Access Denied. For this drive the sharing and security tab in the properties window is missing. so i cant view the permissions also. Please help me to gain access to my i: drive.

As per my knowledge it must be somthing to do with the permissions.

Please find a solution, it would be very nice of you people.

my hdd capicity is 250 gb i have two partition with NTFS and i have OS is Windows Vista so please soluation reply as early as possible

Kind Regards


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