I have an ASUS A7N8X-X motherboard that wont start up at all, when you power up the PSU the green led on the MB lights up but when you hit the power button the CPU fan starts to spin then stops. The PSU works properly on another MB, I have tried this with and without memory, HD, video card. I am wondering if someone has attempted a bios upgrade and failed? I have looked over the MB for damage and found nothing IE: bad caps etc. The CPU from this MB works properly on another MB. This is a used MB I picked up recently so I don’t know it history.

Has anyone ever jump-started a PSU while it is connected to the MB with this kind of no start problem?


The Fixer

sounds like the board is bad

Does the power shut down entirely when the hsf stops? Did you replace the thermal compound when you installed the CPU and heat sink?

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Thanks for the post DCC.

When you trigger the MB the CPU fan starts to turn then stops, there still is power on the board (the green power “on” led is still lit).

I did clean the CPU & heat sink of old thermal compound and applied new compound upon assembly.

I installed this CPU & heat sink on another MB it works great and runs cool.

I decided I could not hurt the MB any more than it is, so I took a PSU jump started it then plugged it into the MB, the PSU immediately shut down, the PSU was still working properly after I did that. There must be a short somewhere in the MB that I can’t see, and the PSU has some kind of ground fault system that sees the short then shuts down.

This has almost become a quest to find out what happened at this point.
I think your right the MB is dead, BUT WHY is it dead.

Thanks for the input

The Fixer

yes ,why!!
take it complete out of the tower completely and hook it all up just lying on a tabel top,[wood ] to eliminate any contact to the metal tower . you can jump the 2 psw pins with a screwdriver to start it as im sure you know allready.anyway worth a try,

yes, try that - be careful and attempt at your ow risk - use an insulated screwdriver if you do!

also make sure the cp fan is connected right (on a motherboad of mine, if it doesnt detect the fan as working then it wont boot to prevent cpu damage)

I always assemble them on the bench first; it saves time if there is a problem and its easer than working inside the confines of the box.

What a hair puller

The Fixer

OK you know how sometimes you need to walk away from something for a day then come back a take another look at it.

I was just about ready to throw this MB into the trash but I took another look at it.

When I received the MB I noticed that the last PCI slot was bent, did not think to much of it and did not care I wasn’t going to use it any way.

My guess is it was dropped after it was removed from the case.

The contacts looked a bit funny in the slot so I took a closer look at them. It did not look like they were contacting the ones on the other side.

I pulled the riser straighter then pushed the contacts back into place one at a time, inserted a card it to riser then removed the card.

Apparently they were contacting the other side, the MB started up for the first time.

What a hair puller

Thanks all for your thoughts

The Fixer

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