My laptop keeps crashing, in any situation, usually if its just on desktop. Then a blue screen comes up saying something about Kernel Data Error and loads of numbers. Then when it restarts the desktop comes up with a message saying there was a serious hardrive error. and most of my programmes then fail and error reports are sent. I've checked for viruses and i do the xp update things, i've no idea what it is or what to do. Is my hardrive dying??

Believe it or not, the "loads of numbers" and any other information which you can gather from the error messages could very well help us to home in on the cause. Please post as much specific information as you possibly can and we'll try to help from there.

It will also help if you let us know the make and model of your laptop, and also the Windows version you are using.

its Medion Professional Laptop M785
Windows XP home version
Intel Pentium 4 CPU 2.40 GHz

I havent seen the numbers properly
but they had lots of zero's in
it usually happens when i havent been using my computer for a little bit and i look back and its crashed

I'm not familiar with the way Medion bundle their laptops, but does that unit of yours come with recovery media of some sort so you can restore it to original state? A 'Recovery' CD or instructions for accessing a hidden menu from wich you can restore it to the condition in which it was provided?

I'd seriously consider backing up the data on it and doing just that. If it continues to crash after being wiped and reinstalled, you'll know it's a hardware problem, but I suspect it's a software problem you have, and a corrupted Windows installation.


are 2 of the numbers i wrote down

i will need to get the disks and instructions sent from home cos im at uni and was stupid enough not to bring all that stuff with me

OK- let me search the knowledgebases for the error codes/numbers you posted. I'll repost here once I get more info.

OK- let me search the knowledgebases for the error codes/numbers you posted. I'll repost here once I get more info.

it crashed e and the blue kernel data error screen up with this message

STOP 0x0000007a (0xc020163c 0xc000000 0x8058f5D0 0x06686860)

and then when it restarted it crashed again and this came up on the blue kernel screen

STOP 0x0000007A (0xEI54A840 0xc000000E 0xBF8DC55A 0x03722860)
address BF8DC55A
base at BF800000
datestamp 41107f7a

Then it restarted and reinstalled my security options

EEK! :rolleyes: :cry:

Thanks for the additional info Leanne; it helps.

a blue screen comes up saying something about Kernel Data Error...

I'm assuming this the exact kernel error, yes?:


If so, here's what Microsoft has to say about those errors:

Unfortunately, it could be a few things, including data errors on your hard drive, the hard drive itself failing, or bad memory.

Here are some links related to STOP 0x7A and win32k.sys errors in general:

And here are some relating specifically to laptops:

Try some of the solutions suggested in the above links and repost here with any questions/progress reports/etc.

Thanks for your help
I really appreciate it

Leanne x

Your welcome. :)

Please keep us posted on your progress.

I too am also getting these errors:



atapi:sys-Address F865F384base at F8652000, datestamp 41107b4d

Beginning dump of Physical memeory

I am running a 2.3Ghz EiSystems on Windows XP Home

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