I found my computer all of sudden was making an alarm-like noise (through an internal speaker) when I came home after work, and the monitor would not turn on. When I opened the case, the CPU fan and heatsink had snapped off the cpu and were just hanging loose.

Now, I can power up the computer and all lights turn on, but the monitor never turns on and it seems it doesn't actually boot up (even when I hold the heatsink and fan in place). Could this be a cooked CPU? Before I even try to fix it, I just want to figure out where the problem is. Any help would be appreciated.

The computer is an AMD Athlon 1.4 Ghz, ASUS Motherboard (the model is something like A7V133), 256 Mb RAM.

Hmmmmmm... if it was in use while the CPU fan snapped off... ouch. That means it was trying to work without any way to disperse heat. I wish I could help further, but I will tell you it's not the ASUS. Those boards are very reliable and capable on their own.

Hi jpfarnsworth,
maybe I have some bad news.. :(
the CPU is probably "burnt" out. :( :(
Yuo can go thru the basic troubleshooting steps at my website to confirm this.. if you need more help
Hope this helps, :)

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