Hi all, this is my first post, hoping you guys can help me out with this. I Play Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 alot, But i get these freezes that last about 10-15 seconds, sometimes longer, and i have got the blue screen of death a few times, i have all the latest drivers and i have defraged a bunch of times but still get them here or there, another thing ive notice that i caught last night is that the green light on the front of my computer or the hard drive light i think it is called will go to a solid green when the game freezes.

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What size is your graphics card and what is the minimum specifications of the game? it maybe that you are at the minimum of the specs which can cause it give long pauses.

128MB graphics card, NVIDIA Ge Force 5200

min specifications for game: 8MB/3D, Direct X 9.0 or later


Have you tried running Flight Sim on the lowest resolution possible? If so, does it freeze?

ya ive played on the lowest res and with all the sliders to the lowest they will go and still got them

i have been reading on other forums on freezing computers, they said that it could be overheating, and said you can check the temp of the computer using BIOS during startup, i was wondering how i would acces this

As soon as the computer starts booting up, keep pressing Delete until the Bios menu comes up. Then go to te menu that the temp is listed in. With me, it is in hardware manager.

You don't want anything over 70C. Do you have the stock fan on your cpu? If so, check and make sure it is still running. They can burn out after a while. Also, if you have an AMD cpu, they overheat much easier. It could also be a video card cooling issue, so check and make sure the fan on your card is running. If it looks like it may be overheating, try opening up your case, and set a table fan next to it and blow air into it and see if it helps, and replace any fans that have burned out.

If heating is not an issue, try flashing your BIOS as an old BIOS version can sometimes cause a crash in a high graphics game like flight sim.

didnt see a hardware manager menu anywhere, and i did take the casing off and cleaned out the dust that was in there, and to tell you the truch i dont think i had a fan on the video card lol.

i even try to watch videos on Windows Media and the screen flickers on and off, and i get alot of ripping on the main FS menu screen.

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