Hi all,
First timer here, so be gentle! I have a brand new (2 weeks old) HP DV9548 (notebook) running Vista Home Premium that worked FINE for the last two weeks, and this morning..... it was stuck on the Windows boot sequence where it shows the yellow and black (scrolling left to right) bar. It stayed at that screen for over 20 minutes before I decided to try to restart/reset the machine. Since there is no reset button, I held the power button for 5 seconds or so to do a hard shutdown. Mission accomplished. Now when I attempt to power on (battery power only) the panel lights light up for about 5 seconds, then go out. No fan, no disc activity, nothing. When battery is removed and AC power used, panel lights light up, fan runs, but no disc activity, no display, no anything. I bought it direct from Circuit City (first time I bought a "shelf" machine, and not assembled and installed a machine myself) and since installed Norton Internet Security 2008 (full version), Office 2007 Home and Student, Diskeeper Pro Premier, and Belarc Advisor. Everything was fine and ran great. I then installed "Uniblue Registry Boost and system tweaker" (I know, anything messing with the registry is a BAD thing). According to all the research I did, it was given high reviews, so I took a chance. Everything seemed fine again. The last thing I did was install Battlefield 2 PC game. I read some threads about some problems with Vista, but, again took a chance. Others were experiencing hard system crashes after 1 map and beginning another. I installed, played 3-4 maps without problems. Powered off machine and played again the next two nights without problems. Now, nothing! Any ideas?????

Have you tried to reset the BIOS of the laptop to see whether it's the bios settings thats acting up

How do I do that? I have (so far) removed both memory modules and swapped positions, then reseated (as per HP tech support), then removed and re-installed both hard drives as well. In addition, battery was removed, AC power was removed, and power button was depressed for over one minute to "power-drain" machine (again at HP's request).

Check the HP website if your laptop is part of faulty batch.

My pavillion is - just died on me- lights flashing and nothing on the screen. It is a hardware problem.

Send your machine to HP, if it is part of faulty batch(model and serial number) you will be eligible for free repar.

BUT if you have opened your machine- bad news-they will void your warranty, as they did wih me. But I am still fighting!

Good luck to another HP victim