My computer is an IBM Ispirati A10i and has an LG CD-RW/DVD-ROM GCC-4120B. It has so many problems reading disc's, it will usually just have the orange light blinking at a steady pace maybe half a second apart but will most of the time never do anything, I was wondering if I should buy a new cd rom and if so, which one? does it matter? do i need to make sure it is compatable with my system?

Has it always done this? Has it only started recently? Does it read some disks and not others? Which disks does it read, and which disks wont it read?

It's been doing this for about the past year. Sometimes it's able to read some disks, but there is no trend to what kind of disks it reads, it has lots of trouble reading music cd's, video game cd's pretty much

I'd opt for swapping it out, cd/dvd roms are not expensive, 50 dollars will get you a brand new state of the art DVD+-RW/DL which will do everything :D

sounds good, ya this one's a piece of trash anyways

alright, cool. but does it matter what kind i get? is there some specific kind that will work with my computer or can i just get anything that i want?

It is pretty much a standard, you shuold be able to just R/R it in just a few minutes. There is a data and a power cable that only goes on one way, just don't try to force it. I don't know what your OS is, but if you're running MS Windows your computer should recognize the new device and the install wizard will walk you through it. You will need software with it, I bought the Nero 6.0 Ultra a Ebay for $13.99 plus shipping, not a bad deal! Just take that puppy and pop it the DVD and follow the prompts. You may be able to find a cheaper unit out there, but the NEC has a solid reputation, it is not a POS, and at that price you ain't gonna get took! lol ;)