dropped my external harddrive yetserday...
plugged it back in and it worked fine, about 3 hours later it started clicking <click click click ect..>
so turn off computer.. still clicking.... i had to pull it out the main power to get it to stop...
now... this morning i booted up my comp and it wasn't reading the external harddrive, went to device manager.. noluck there..
and it still clicks when the power is connected...

So... i plug it into my comp turning it into a internal hardrive and it still reads nothing and it still clicks

i have tried everything i can think of, has anyone got any ideas of how to fix it, or at least get the data of it?

Sorry ozi, this isn't going to help you - I'm having almost the same problem, or at least the same sound (I think). All was well until I rebooted. The computer shutdown just fine, but wouldn't come back on. Instead it goes straight to that high-paced wonderous clicking sound along with the power button light blinking amber really really fast. The fan's not on and I don't think the hard drive is either. Nothing comes on the screen, no beeps, nothing. I can stop the blinking by holding down the power button or just unplugging the power supply. I've never heard a computer "click" before, so I have no idea what to do.

Its dead. Data recovery experts might be able to help recover some of it but it will be many hundreds of dollars

ok, so I'm all set i guess. I didn't really solve the problem, just did a quick fix. To me it seems like the power supply died, so I swapped hard drives with another working computer just so that I could use the computer now to do work. No data loss tho.

Sounds like the heads in the drive are whacked out. There really is no way to fix it, back up your data now while you still can.

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