I have a problem with my monitor,when I turn my computer the monitor doesn't work.I chek the CPU,RAM and video card on diferent PC and they all work.I've tried to reset bios with J5 and the battery but nothing happend.I have to tell that I've tried to overclock my computer.So I think that the problem is with my MB becouse with the start of my computer the chipset is BURNING(and that I think is becouse overclocking).So if there is somthing else please let me know how to solve this problem.

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If you are overclocking your CPU, make sure you have ample cooling in the machine otherwise the CPU starts to burn and everything stops working. Does the computer boot at all? Does the monitor display a message similar to "No Signal"?

It's ok I find the problem it's the mother board, 2 of the condensers where not working but thanks any way

Check that you have the fans blowing out air or sucking air in as required This can take the cooling away instead of giving it to the components.

hi i am mohan.i also have a system .i think the monitor youhave has ay problem insideor
the ports frm mntr hve a loose contact .chek it.

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