I recently built a system, specs - Asus M2N-MX MoBo, AMD Athlon 64X2 3800+ CPU, 1Gb RAM, 80Gb Sata HDD, LG Dual Layer DVD-RW. When I first put it all together, I couldn't install XP, (it kept throwing up cannot copy file errors during copying files process). Thats all well and good. I found out that was a problem with the ram. But before i could replace the ram, I switched the machine on and i got 1 Long 2 Shorts beeps, and I can't get into BIOS. Now my BIOS is Award, and the beeps mean a video error. I was using the onboard vga port, so I got a PCI-E video card, installed that, plugged my monitor into that, and I'm still getting the same beeps. I've even re-seated the video card a couple of times but still no change. Does this mean my MoBo is dead now or is there anything I can do to resurrect it?? Please, can someone help me??

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hey, you are trying to find errors in your hardware or you just want to install Windows XP.

Do you have any Ram in the machine at this stage? If not try putting the Ram back in as that could be the problem. The reason that it would be beeping is that onboard graphics cards use the system memory rather then usuing dedicated in the case of a PCI-E video card. So when you took the Ram out the motherboard started having problems with the onboard graphics and spat that at you.

You will need to put your ram back in and swap the graphics controller to PCI-E rather then the onboard one in order to do this.

Yeah the ram is in but i think its faulty. just waitng on new ram to come so i can install it and see if it actually is the problem. Cheers

yeah you would also get this problem if the Ram is faulty like you said. However does seem like a bit of a waste if you had to buy new ram and that is not the problem.

Problem solved... Woohoo!!! I replaced the ram and away it went, no problems at all. Thanks guys for your input. Cheers.

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