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well this is kinda 2 topics in 1.
i had started a new cable internet account and went out and purchased a new cable modem, a real nice one. built in signal filter and all. anyways i go to use it, call up the company to register the new MAC address and bamm.
sorry, u have to use OUR modem, is what they tell me. I am like ,why? and they rattle off some BS about FCC regulations which, to me, sound FUBAR. first off the modem i use is better quality and can support higher datarates and has signal filter. the cable company that controls all this area is time waner, and by all this area i mean all of southwest ohio. ironicly they only support motarola modems, which arnt bad but i have had issue with them.

Issue 2, i work at best buy, the place i bought said modem. they say it works with all accounts, yes the one i am useing too. well they must not know about the whole time waner thing and how a monopoly works. they must not know that this modem is completely worthless in this area, and prehaps much of the state. so i have to tell them that these things cannot be sold, unless they want to loose a ton of money. Not only that but there are 2 other brands that will not work at all either. I know they dont listen to us grunts and so i am most like not gonna speak up, hey they havent fixed any of the others things i have brought up. things like "this wire is frayed, that security device is damaged, that laptop has a broken mouse" and those take what, 2 minutes (except laptop) to fix

Both are complete BS and show the downfalls of things in the US economy. i hate the whole "you must use what we say you must use" no choices attitude in this country. i could start a petition to tell timwaner to support all cable modems (or all modems in a certian class) this has nothing to do with FCC, because if it did the modems would not be sold in the US