I am using a Blekin F5D6020 card in my laptop and have been trying to connect it to my existing network which uses the now discontinued Intel Anypoint USB wireless network adapters. I cannot seem to get the two to recognise each other, I believe that intel adapters need their network code the same, but the belkin software has no option for this. I have tried allsorts, including changing all the network channels to the same frequency etc and am now stuck. I dont want to have to buy any new hardware, but I am still able to return the Belkin Card.

Please Reply ASAP because I will need to know if it needs returning.

Thanks alot


Hi Matt: I just found your post. This is what I found that is pertinent to your scenario. See below.
Belkin (F5D6020) PC Card Network Adapter Product Description

The Belkin Wireless Notebook Network Card easily slides into your notebook's PCMCIA slot, and sets up quickly with Belkin SOHO Networking Software. Used in conjunction with the Wireless Access Point, the Card lets you join your wireless network to your existing wired network. This Plug and Play Card works seamlessly with Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, and Millennium Edition systems. Interoperable with all 802.11b wireless devices, it uses the wireless Ethernet standard to offer you a working range of up to 1500 feet and speeds of up to 11Mbps. Now you can transfer files around the house or office enjoying freedom from cables along with all the advantages of a wired network.
"Note" The wireless devices that it can be used with must be "802.11b"
compliant. I don't know if that Intel "Anypoint is an 802.11b device, without doing some more research. Hopefully the documentation you have for it will tell you then you will have the answer to your question.

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