Hey, i have a 3Com Megahertz Lan 10-100 Lan PC Card with XJACK Connector and i have put it into my computer and my computer will read it and i can get online sometimes and when i restart my computer the card is not read. Im running Windows 2000, Please help thanks

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Just takeing a guess, but I assume the card did not come with a driver disk? Or if it did the driver is not for windows 2000 is my guess. Since the description you gave, the Exclamation point means that the driver installed is the either not correct, or not properly installed.

You can try

Which I have found to be a fabulous source of older or even better drivers for devices in use today.


There sayin on DriverGuide that this Lan PC Card does not work of windows 2000 do you think thats true, if so what should i do


Well, what to do I not for me to say, but I would trust DriversGuide. I have never found them to be wrong.

See about a new Card I guess. They are dirt cheap these days.

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