Hi all,
The problem I'm having is that after about an hour of my PC being on, everything freezes. The HD indicator LED stays on, and sometimes the CD-ROM drive is accessed. I then have to turn the computer off and leave it for 30-60 mins before being able to use it again, as it will not boot otherwise. I've tried changing the IDE cable but to no avail.

Could it be something to do with the CPU? If so, to what severity?

Thanks all,

The severity is hard to say ,have you remove the towers case and looked to make sure the cpu fan is running and free of dust build up .

I actually replaced the CPU fan this morning, and the BIOS shows that it's running at a constant 25c (well within limits).

Perhaps this is a software problem? If you're using Windows, boot into safe mode and then just leave it for a lil over an hour. Don't open any programs, etc. (Enough time to convince yourself it won't happen if you're in safe mode).

Thanks cscgal. I'll try that. As an addition, here's what I've done so far to try to correct the problem:

+ Virus checked the computer
+ Run scandisk
+ Replaced the IDE Cable
+ Added a second case fan
+ Replaced the CPU Heat Sink/Fan (BIOS Reports that it's running within temperature limits)
+ Checked the board voltages (BIOS Reports within limits)
+ Replaced the memory

TBH, I'm more baffled than Adam on Mother's Day :-|

I took out my CD-RW drive and it seems to be alright now... I really liked that drive, too :cry: :p

Glad to hear you got it working. Sorry to hear the culpreit was your favorite cd-rw drive.

Thanks. The only trouble now, is that my normal CD-ROM drive isn't working either, and I have no money to buy a new drive. So I'm CD-less for a couple of days :sad:

try removing it from device manager and reboot computer and let windows reinstall the drivers for the cdrom