Hi all, it's my first post on this forum.

I just bought a new video card, a Peak ATI Radeon X1950 Pro (Pci), Together with a 2gb DDR2 RAM Bank.
First i tried to install the RAM, but i noticed that the "attachment" is not compatible with my motherboard. Maybe it's a new standard, but this new RAM bank has that little tiny "hole" right in the middle of it, while my already attached RAM has that little "hole" a little to the left. Thus, this RAM cannot physically be attached. All right, i inserted again my old RAM, and proceeded with the video card installation.
I removed my previous video card (an ATI X800) and inserted the new one.
However, my motherboard (an ASUS P5RD1-V) did not give any beep (usually, 1-beep = no problems) and the screen remained black. I tried to remove the video card and the RAM and i re-inserted them, but now my motherboard gives out a single beep (like always did, no problem here) and after a few seconds another one, short as the first one.
The screen remains pitch black.
I tried to re-insert the old video card and all goes well.

I tried to explain my problem to the best of my abilities, i hope it was clear enough for i am not an expert.

Can someone help me? Sad It was my christmas present and i would like to make it work, if possible.

Thanks in advance Smiley


I feel sorry when there is no reply to a questionof this sort. I don't pretend to be expert on this particular Video card so I can only offer generic advice.

As I understand your problem, when you go back to original configuration/video card all is well and your PC works OK.

We can disregard the RAM question as all you need to do is look up the right memory type for your board and buy accordingly. This link will tell you what's what on your motherboard.

There is an integrated ATI Radeon 3000 graphics function on the motherboard. I wonder whether that's interfering. There should be a motherboard manual which provides fuidance on the interaction between integral and PCI graphics. There may be a jumper to set or it may be possible to get into the BIOS in your old configuration and disable the internal graphics.

Also you mention the PCI version of the X1950; are you sure it's not PCI Express as the motherboard has a specific slot for this card. You are using the right slot?

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