I have an hp dv9535nr laptop with a tv tuner, that is capable of displaying over the air hdtv. When i go to watch tv, i notice that the frames lag pretty badly, and the OTA tv is unwatchable. The laptop is located in a separate room from the main house TV, and the location is near another pc and a window. When I hook it up to a cable connection, or watch a dvd, this problem disappears. This pc has a dedicated video card with 1gb video ram, 2gb ddr2 ram, and dual 5400rpm hard drives. Is there a way to watch OTA (over the air) tv without frame lag? Thanks for your help.

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Yeah it's a known problem. What is the name of the video card model that you have? Also try using a different codec other than the default Microsoft MPEG-2 codec (this can be a little difficult; it needs a program called vmcd.exe (NOT SUPPORTED BY MICROSOFT) and an actual separate Mpeg-2 codec installed on your system).

Also, it would be interesting to note if it's all the OTA HD channels that do this, or just those that use 1080 resolution.

A good site that might be able to help you better with this problem iis thegreenbutton.com


video card model is nvidia geforce 8600m gs

this problem happens with ALL ota channels (both hd and sd)

cable and satellite work just fine

also, what the heck is this mpeg codec your talking about, i have no idea what it is. i have never heard of it before.


well since this happens with sd channels, it's not the problem that I thought it was, and your video card is powerful enough to handle the decoding.

I wish I could offer more help, but anything else I say from here would be a shot in the dark.

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