Norton Antivirus keeps detecting a certain file as a virus (a trojon horse to be exact).

Is there no way to add exceptions? i.e., to manually mark a file as 'safe'?

I'm using Norton Antivirus 2004.

This is really quite annoying. The file it keeps picking up is a crucial system file for a program i'm using. So basically, everytime i want to use this program, i have to disable auto protect and copy this file (from an external harddrive where i've got it backed up).

It just seems really silly that norton won't let me tell it to ignore certain files. I want to be able to run auto-protect (for obvious reasons), without it keep getting tripped by files and programs that i know are safe (or at least, that i defintely do want on my computer despite what norton has to say about them).

In addition to the problem, norton keeps making the files dissapear. I don't have the "quarantine" or "disable access" options enabled for auto protect, but the bloody program still throws this file into quarantine and refuses to let me access it.

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we are not using the same version of nortons but i can go into my nortons and go to file system auto protect in the left side bar and go to exclude selected file and folder and direct it to any folder or file i want it to ignore ,its been a while since i used 2004 but i'm sure you can do similar setting as i can


Hi Yaksha ,

This is Mike from the Norton Authorized Support Team responding to your posting. Unfortunately, we do not support the 2004 version of Norton AntiVirus anymore, and I would highly encourage you to think about upgrading to a newer version to get the best protection and newest features to protect your computer.

It appears as though the LiveUpdate function of Norton may be corrupted which can cause false positives. Please make sure that your internet connection is working properly and then click on the link below to download a newer version of LiveUpdate.

LiveUpdate3 Download

Once you have downloaded this file, please run it and then manually run LiveUpdate until it tells you that there are no more updates available. I would then suggest that you run a Full System Scan while booted into Safe Mode.

I hope this resolves your issue. However, if you still receive the same message after updating LiveUpdate and running a scan, then it is quite possible that your machine is deeply infected, and the best course of action would be to backup your data and reinstall Windows.

Thank you,

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