I've done everything possible as a novice, but I'm still getting these annoying pop-ups while browsing the internet. They're not just little pop up windows, they are actually full screen website pop-ups.

I have my pop-up blocker enabled, plus I run my McAfee anti-virus regularly. I also use SpyBot Search & Destroy regularly too. Both of these programs have found threats and/or viruses and either quarantined or removed them.

I'm not sure what happened, but now I have a problem that I can't get rid of.

Can someone please offer a solution?

Thanks so much...

Three suggestions:
Run a full AV/Spyware scan to be sure you've quarantined/Healed/Removed everything. (Use the "Immunize" feature in Spybot).
Turn off System Restore, reboot and turn it back on. These files often persist in the System Restore files.
If you still get the Pop Ups, post a Hijack log in the Spyware forum.