I'm pretty much going out of my mind trying to fix this problem. I get pop-ups that are really annoying and in the bottom right corner of my screen, every time something pops up, I get a message saying "Ad Served by BrowsingAdvisor."

And I'm not sure if this is due to the same problem, or if I have two separate viruses, but there is a red X next to my C drive instead of the icon that's suppose to be there, and a million temp files.

Someone please help me, I'm so sick of the pop-ups! I can barely even use my computer because everything just shuts down on me, or lags out. I really can't take it anymore!


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I know people who are having this exact same problem. We've tried a lot of troubleshooting with the various software thats out there, tried system restores, cleaning up the msconfig, nothing. We decided to simply back up their files onto an external and we are reformatting and reinstalling windows.

My recommendation would be to do the same, however, if you do find a solution I would love to hear it.

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