I downloaded BitMeter a few hours ago to check if my bandwidth was being used without my knowledge. To my unpleasant surprise it was. I turned off my web browser and I started no programs yet DL rates fluctuated between 5 - 15 kb/s per second and upload rates with half that. I restarted my computer and logged in, left it running for 90 minutes and when I got back it said I DL'ed 45 mbs and uploaded about 15 mbs!!

Is it possible that I'm mistaken and this is a natural occurrence? How do I locate what files are actually being sent and received and what program is using them?

PS: There is only one machine in my house with one modem and no wireless router. I'm using a 5mb cable dsl connection.

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Well i guess anythign is possible, but if you want to find out what is running - close all programs and stop most unneeded services on your machine - download process explorer from sysinternals. Close all programs and open it and look at your list of processes... then run netstat to find what is connected to what.... then download microsoft network monitor (netmon) or ethereal (both free) to monitor incoming and outgoing traffic on your machine.... you will get specific information on what tcp/ip or udp traffic is being broadcast. From there you can make further adjustments to rectify the issue if there is one at all.

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