I picked up something off MSN today, and noticed things were acting strange. I scanned the two files I had downloaded (clean) and then deleted them. The computer would not hibernate, so I shut it down. The next reboot appeared to work fine. But when I ran Norton AV, it came up with some error - unfortunately I didn't look too closely what error, I panicked and decided it would be better to scan in safe mode. Trying to shut down at this point gave me a BSOD. Even more unexpectedly, when I tried to run safe mode, the system immediately logged out as soon as I logged in. Then when I tried 'Last known good configuration' and normal boot they had the same problem (immediate logout).

Sorry I can't provide more specific information, I'd like to run HJT but I'm a bit restricted now that I can't login.

Any help would be much appreciated, I guess the first thing would be how to log into Safe Mode?

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To update the situation... I have since done some research and tried:
bootcfg /rebuild
copying userinit.exe to wsaupdater.exe
copying registry files from the repair directory

Still no idea what is causing the problem specifically :s

I am about to try a Repair Install from the CD, unless anyone has any ideas before then? I have read that this procedure is not particularly reliable. Also it seems overkill, since if I could login to windows, i am fairly sure that System Restore could solve the rest of the problems.

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