Howdy folks, recently, a slew of Adware, Trojans, and Malware in general has left my laptop nearly useless. Google searches are being hijacked, AntiVrius software isn't working, My System Restore points have all been deleted, and all Tech Support websites have been blocked. So, I've decided just to go with a clean installation of Windows XP, since everything of value to me has been backed up. Only problem is, I no longer have the Windows installation CD that came with my computer (Toshiba Sattelite A105), and buying a new copy of Windows is financially OUT OF THE QUESTION :P

However, in My Documents, I have a file called "WindowsXP-KB835935-SP2-ENU". Can I use this to reinstall Windows?

Note, I want to CLEAR my Hard Drive and reinstall XP. It should also be noted, that I am a complete NUB at computers, so try to explain it it simple terms for me.

Thanks a ton :)


Have you tried pressing F8 or F11 at boot up?

As some systems have a HDD recovery pre-installed and is accessed via one of those buttons. From memory I can't remember the process for Toshiba's, but will look into it for you.

Dazza :cool:

I used to have a disc for that, but it broke :(
Buyng a new one is out of the question too :P