Yesterday, I saved some files from work on my thumb drive to use later that afternoon. While I was attempting to move them to my home computer, I opened My Computer, D drive (not my C drive which is my boot drive) and the G drive (thumb drive) on Windows XP to move the files. On my first attempt, all of my open windows closed on me. I thought that was odd, but I tried again and successfully moved the files from the drive. Immediately after I moved the files, my computer rebooted.

I am running Windows XP with SP 2, and I have Norton Antivirus 2004 with the latest updates. I recently ran a scan of my computer and it did not find any viruses.

Once the computer rebooted, my D drive did not show, so I shut the computer down, opened it up to check on my cables. Everything was OK. I turned the computer on again and it recognized my D Drive. I hit F1 to save the information and the computer started. However, as soon as the Windows logo appeared, the computer would reboot. The funny thing is it shows a "blue screen", but I can't read the information in it because it reboots right at the moment the screen shows.

I powered down the computer, disconnected the D drive, and the computer boots fine. I don't know what is happening, but I would like to slavage my information on my D drive.

Please help!!! :sad: :eek:

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run hijackthis, click scan, save log, and then paste it in here.


It sounds more like a hard drive failure though.

I would agree with you on the hard drive failure, but the hard drive is only 4 months old. I tried to run your program, but when I plug the drive back in, the computer keeps rebooting again.


any funny noises from it?
have you tried the diagnostics tools from the manufacturer?

I wish I could get to the disk. I can't even go to safe mode without looping over and over. Any ideas how to go to the DOS Prompt. When I hit F8, it does not give me that option under Windows XP.


you need to get a boot disk, that will enable you to boot to a DOS prompt.
Other than that your manufacturers diagnostic tools will often be a boot disk by themselves.


Thanks all for the help. I found out what was causing the problem. I have Norton Go-Back and my computer and somehow it got corrupted and would not allow me to use my D drive. I stopped it from loading and all is well!!!

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