Hello, I have had this issue for a few days, been looking online for fixes and this seems like the best place for help. I am new to this site and need help. I have looked through a few threads and their information was helpful but it didnt fix my problem. I downloaded hijackthis, dont know what the log means, I have tried a few different programs to get rid of the virus but it seems to terminate the software or mask itself from the software or something. I dont know. I have run Norton Anti Virus (had a windows pop up, red, and said security settings have been changed.), Windows Defender (found something the first 2 times but encountered an error and had to close. It has never done that before. But the third time it didnt find it agian), AdAware (only found some tracking cookie but it got rid of tha), and have tried Kaspersky online scanner and it found something at first but the thing froze up and closed, started it again and now it cant find the threats. :@ This virus or whatever it is, is very frustrating and I can normally remove them but I cant open anything up until it closes it, if it is a virus. I would go into Windows Explorer and about 2 sec. later it would close and the explorer process would end and I would have to go in and manually start it back up. If I go into regedit, control panel, event viewer it tries closing them but these windows dont close. Any thoughts or ideas. Please help I would like to get my computer back up and running ok again. :confused:

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ok sorry to take yourtime and I really appreciate your help but I finally got rid of it. I unplugged from my network, ran a program from my usb device which used MS-DOS and I restarted my computer and windows defender found it again, but it was in the recycle bin along with everything else. I think I erased it but if you would like to know the file names if I still have it I could give it to you. I would have to check when i get home this evening. Thank you for replying and trying to help. I appreciate it. :)

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