So the issue is everytime I open windows explorer my desktop turns into an obvious virus back ground that has the link saying your computer has fatal errors from spyware and wants me to install an "antivirus" program to remove it. Also I can't open task manager. I just scanned with AVG, it removed like 37 different files, and my background was good again, but as soon as I opened windows explorer it reverted. Windows restore doesn't work either, so I'm sure it's unloaded into several different places then, seeing as it won't go away. Anyone ever have this particular virus before? If so any help would be greatly appreciated. Or if anyone can tell which of the top antiviruses you guys use that would be great too. I've used Norton Ghost, definitely not a fan, I've tried NOD32 which seems to be the most popular among techies, but it got really annoying asking you to update every 3 seconds.

So Thanks for your time if you read all of this and I'm open to most suggestions, other than wiping my hdd.

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Good day:
1. Please post a copy of your hi-jack log.
2. Trying running spybot search & destroy to remove additional nasties.


yes i have the same virus, i spent a day deleting files marked un anti virus log but no luck so i switched hardrives?????? anyone know how to crush this beast???

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