i didn't know where else to post this question... i'm sorry if i'm posting it in the wrong area...


anyone have any information on this trojan?

at least i think it is a trojan... spyware terminator catches it but can't delete it... i can't delete it manually... i think it's running with


as well... i can't delete it, or end the process... it's in the windows\system32 folder though... which makes me think that it might not be connected with the mlJCtrrR.dll problem...

so if anyone has any info on this... please please please let me know... either by a post here or e-mail ---- oi2tcoc-music@live.com

i've already google'd and ask.com'd and aol'd mlJCtrrR.dll with NO RESULTS... i've looked on various virus lookup pages... and i can not find any information... please help

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Welcome to the site..

I tried to search also but only found your thread here :(

When did the problem start??

Have you tried a system restore?? (To before it started) then run a full scan??

Good luck!


Please take your email address out of your post. This is a great way to receive lots of spam.
You should run the steps given here Read me before posting a request for assistance
Follow ALL instructions exactly. If instruction reads allow to fix then do so. Save all requested logs and when you have completed all the steps then post back here with all the requested logs.

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