i got this from our computer laboratory Global.exe,telnet.exe,fonts.exe running on my system. and day by day ive noticed alot of this kind multiply. thanks for the help.

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Hello and Welcome,
We need a lot more information than you have supplied. How do you know the computer is infected? Have you run scans or what?
All three of those processes you have listed can be legitimate processes;

Global.exe is used to display members of global groups on remotes servers or domains
fonts.exe is usually the usually are what it says, fonts.
telnet.exe is an internet communications protocol
Of course all could also be viruses or malware too, using the names of legitimate processes. But we need to know how you know these are infections and not the legitimate processes found on most or many PC's.

We need information about the computer too...operating system, antivirus program, etc.
What symptoms is the computer showing that leads you to believe it has some sort of infection on it?
You should go here Read me before posting a request for assistance and follow all of the instructions there. Run all of the requested programs and be sure to follow the instructions for each program, if it says to have the program remove or fix items found then please do so.
When you have completed all the steps and scans in the link above then post back here with the requested information and all of the logs. Then we will be more able to help you get the computer clean.


im using avg sir. i tried to download bit defender but it would stuck up to 100% 00:01 sec. Every time i entered a Cd on my cd ROM, every time i get the cd from the cd ROm an annoying error msg keeps on appearing, could not find disk blah blah could not run c:Global.exe.. then when i copied a folder from my usb, i tried to open it from desktop. Wallpaper folder appears. i tried reformating my hard disk, since my important files is in the other partition. Still, Global.exe and some unknown processes keeps on running.


Do you have an AVG log that we could see? That certainly would help.

Follow as many of the instructions given as you can as we need to see those logs before any other determination can be made.

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