Hello, I have this terrible spyware that I was somehow infected with. As soon as I connect to the internet I get all kinds of email pop ups and my wallpaper changes, etc. I've tried ad -aware, ccleaner, etc. Please can someone help me???

The spyware I've seen is Blusod, antivirus xp 2008, it's almost like this thing keeps downloading all this spyware automatically as soon as I connect to the internet. How do I remove this???


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Please go HERE and follow ALL instructions. Be absolutely certain if instructions say to have the program fix items found then do so.
Once you have completed all the steps then post back here with the requested logs.


I got it taken care of, thanks. I ended up using "spyware dr.", but it wanted me to pay so I just tracked down the reg keys and files it listed from it's free scan and manually deleted them...

another 7 hours down the drain... thanks spyware


You really should run the steps in the link given to be certain that all nasty items are truly removed. Shouldn't take 7 hours to run those few programs, which are all FREE by the way.

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