LOL, well, believe me, Quickbooks is wonderful when it is working right especially after doing bookkeeping tasks manually for some 20 years before that. And I haven't had that much trouble. This has been the first big problem I've had with it.

I feel very lucky right now that I got two of the companies on the other computer. I tried the 3rd and it didn't work. It's not essential right now as it was closed years ago but i don't want to lose the data. We reference from it from time to time. I also have it backed up on disks but I've got to find them. It's about 12 floppys, I hope none of them have gone bad over time.

I hit "send to" the D drive, maybe I should have used copy?? I might try that too.

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HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Code store Database\Distribution Units{df780f87- is trying to stop you from using software

I think, Dani, that it is around about now that you should consider introducing a lock to threads older than, say, one month, with perhaps a special request from the OP needed to enable reinstatement.
Yes, I know there is that long-running whopper commenced by HappyGeek about the life, times and near-death experience of XP, but you could tag such as exempt.
If he ever dares start one like that for Vista I would not expect it to arouse such fervour.

I wouldn't underestimate happygeek

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