I am struggling with a Gateway laptop running Windows Vista Home Premium, SP1. I have tried to fix the problem of Windows Update error 80070490 - with the System readiness tool, the Windows Update Fix-it tool, done all the requested restarts and retries, and nothing is working.
Right now I am doing a backup so that I can try to restore from the factory partition (no Vista cd w/ laptop) and see if re-doing the OS helps.
Fully cleaned and free of virus', had been running Norton Anti-virus as full time protection with firewall, and other security center items all in the On mode.
this problem appears to have begun in 2011 on a patch tuesday, but customer only recently brought it to me for virus removal.
Help ? any further ideas, or tricks I might have missed.

Hi Nanci,

What did the log say after you ran the System Readiness Tool?
-- C:\Logs\CBS

If that doesn't give you a lead on why the fix failed, I'd just go ahead with the Recovery Partition option - a repair install may not fix the issue and, since you've backed up the customer's data, you may as well save more headaches and just go with the destructive recovery.

Just my $.02

Cheers :)

I had the same problem and it turned out that the computers time was not in sync with the server time. After it my computer synced with microsoft's time, windows update worked.

Close this post, I found out the Recovery partition with 'save user data' worked miracles. It was a corrupt area in the software distribution key in registry. Got everything back and working and all updates running smoothly now.
Thank you.

ps. the system readiness tool reported No problems, as did the WU 'fix it' center tool. She's running fine now.