Hi, I recently sat down with my family the other day to chat about things. We somehow got on the topic of computer bugs, as mine has been dying a slow and painful death over most of this year. Well my mother mentioned how her computer was doing this thing where if you try to open my computer or any folder, an error message pops up instead saying that windows explorer encountered an error, or something like that I can't remember exactly. It gives the option to debug it, but when the debugger program goes to start up it gives the same error message.

What really caught my eye about this one is that my computer had been doing that same thing only the month or so before, but had stopped after running virus scans and cleaning off whatever it found. Thing is, there are no viruses to be found on my mothers computer, nor spyware. Which personally I find just a little odd.

And the only connection between the two computers that I can think of is that they both were attacked by that fake windows anti-virus/spyware program, which I've been researching and apparently it doesn't attack the system, just annoys the poo out of the users. But that had been removed.

I would have just suggested to my mother to just cut her loses and reinstall windows xp onto the computer, but she can't backup any of her files, some of which are really important ones, thats what she says anyway I try not to question it.

Any ideas as to what could be doing this? I'll take anything that sounds remotely good at the moment, if it means quieting down my mother for a little longer.

Try these two tools in its order.

1.download trend micro's DOS application here (2.1MB) and the two essential pattern files namely lptXXX and sspdaX_XX(X means latest versions)witch you can find at the same site

extract/install the DOS application and the files in a temp folder(all inthe same folder) in the root of local disk,now go into safe mode and run the DOS application

Glarys Utilities
2.Download Glarys Utlities http://glary-utilities.en.softonic.com/

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