Hi, Just wondering if anyone could help me completely remove adware and potential viruses from my computer..I have run Ad-aware Spybot-search and destroy, avast, and AVG- all up-to-date. They find problems and I remove those, but It seems new ones appear, ie Ebates, Dyfuca, FastClick, etc etc..Please any help to completely remove these would be great.

I am on a friends computer so ignore my signature PC specs, the correct specs for this PC are:
Windows XP SP2
Compaq Presario S4000NX
2.4Ghz celeron
DSL 1.5mbps

ignore specs below this text.

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Download HijackThis from here & unzip it into it's own, permanent folder, (Not a temporary folder or the desktop (in a folder on the desktop is fine) & not directly on your hard drive). If you prefer an executable file, then download from here.
If you have anything disabled in MsConfig, please re-enable it/them.
Start HJT & press the scan button. When the scan is finished the scan button will change to save. Save the log to a text file, copy the entire contents of the text file & paste it into the body of your post. DO NOT FIX ANYTHING YET. Most of what is there is necessary for the running of your system.


Unless you take steps to close up some of Windows' security holes after cleaning your system, you will get infected again.

1. Use Windows Automatic Update function to keep your system as up-to-date as possible with the most current Microsoft security and bug fixes.

2. Stop using Internet Explorer as your web browser. Because IE is so closely tied into the Windows operating system itself and contains so many security flaws, switching to another browser such as Netscape, Firefox, or Opera will greatly reduce the avenues through which spyware/adware/hijackers/etc. can infect your computer.

3. Install preventative utilities such as SpywareBlaster and SpywareGuard, especially if you absolutely have to continue using Internet Exploder. These utilities protect areas of your system known to be vulnerable to malicious attacks.

4. Tighten up some of Internet Explorer's existing, default settings to make it more secure. Some info on that can be found here.

5. Install a software firewall program. Firewalls can be configured to block or allow Internet/network access on a per-program basis, and this can keep certain malicious programs from doing their job. Zonealarm is a free firewall program, and both McAfee and Norton (Symantec) include a firewall in their commercial "Internet Security" software packages.

6. Remember that none of your utilities are of much good if you don't check for updates frequently; updates for anti-spyware/anti-virus programs can be released as often as ever two or three days.

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