My computer was getting fatal errors for about a week now, getting progressively worse as the week went by. It would keep doing physical memory dumps and what not, but would always work on the second or third boot-up. Last night it completely died and just went to a blue screen of death. I was angry and so I wiped the computer back to the factory settings but now after I have set it all back up again. I have 13.6 gb of hard drive where as before I used to have somewhere around 60-80gb. Please help.

Did you do a full reformat? Sounds like you didn't. Or else you maybe are just seeing the Recovery Partition and not the full drive.

Yes I did a full reformat, back to factory settings 100% wiped. If I'm looking at the partition how do I access the full drive?

What is your operating system? How did you do the reformat?
You possibly have an unpartition allocated in Disk Management, take a look there for your lost space. Right click My Computer, chose Manage from the list, when that window opens, chose Disk Management. When you see an extra partition in there, right click and chose new Partition. Follow the steps and after it finishes, it will format the rest of that drive, you should get your space back.

Ok I did what you said and found 55.12gb or something as unallocated, Im having trouble figuring out how to add that to my C drive though.

Did you follow the instructions given, right click and chose new Partition. Follow the steps and after it finishes, it will format the rest of that drive

Yes I chose new partition and it wants me to make it a completely different drive, I was just wondering if there is a way to add it to my already existent C drive

I "think" you should probably use these instructions found HERE though I still don't know what operating system you are using. These instructions are for XP
I really believe that this might be the easiest way to go, either way you would have to format that existing empty partition, you might as well do the entire drive again to be sure it is done correctly.
If you have an actual Recovery Disk then you can probably do without this recovery partition really but some will probably disagree. BUT if you would decided to get rid of the Recovery Partition then you would FIRST have to make a set of Recovery Disks if you don't have any. If your computer didn't come with any then it should have come with instructions on how to make some. So you would need a set of these before removing that partition and reformatting the whole drive which would wipe out that recovery partition.
You want to be sure also that you Format the partition by using the NTFS file system

To merge two partition, All you need is Gparted. It worked for me many times. I have no time to Link you (may be someone will do). Just Google Gparted, download image and burn on cd. Boot with it, There you Go!