I have heard of this before and once used it quite a long time ago. I can not remember why but for some reason I removed it and stopped using it. That was a long time ago, now it has shown up in my life again...

I guess what I am asking is, how does this program stack up? Is it worth it?

I work at a school as IT support and Network Admin. I had a teacher bring their laptop to me and ask me to clean it up and get it running faster again. I noticed that this program was on the laptop and paid it no mind. I installed a free anti-virus program on the laptop because it had none. Upon the restart, Tracks Eraser Pro apparently removed everything that was done.

Is this a program worth having or should it just be tossed and use something else which is free. The teacher paid for this so I hate to just remove it or disable it unless there is sufficient reason to do so.

thank you.

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CCleaner and ATF cleaner (both free) are the best for removing tracks in my opinion.

never used tracks ereaser pro myself


i myself use ccleaner as well. never had any problems. i use avast or avg, spybot search and destroy, ccleaner, and regseeker.

i know for some reason or another i quit using tracks eraser pro, and i can not remember why. i was hoping someone would offer some insight or be familiar with it enough to share some info with me.


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