I am just a girl who likes the internet but really doesn't know anything about computers. I bought my laptop about three months ago and now I constantly get the "Microsoft Blue Screen Of Death".
My computer only works in "safe mode" now.

After I start up my computer the normal way a pop-up screen comes saying that winigon is trying to do something. I just close that message and that's it. After about two minutes though, the blue screen comes and I need to restart the whole thing.

Windows then says the problem is due to malware. I also have Mcafee and that warns about the buffer, just as described. The problem is however that I have no idea how to use all these programs and I barely know what the registry is on a computer.

I would like to erase the whole OS and just re-install windows, but I don't have a CD. It was a brand new laptop but there was no CD in the box. When I had these kinds of problems years ago the best solution was "format C" and reinstall everything. Apparantly it's not that easy anymore. Can anyone please help me? :'(

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A) you generally get an icon to make your own cd somewhere in the recovery tools (start menu or a certain key at boot). If not, using the same tools, you can generally recover from a hidden partition. Also you can order CDs from the manufacturer

B) is it xp or vista?

Under XP go to control panel -> system -> advanced tab -> startup and recovery button. Uncheck automatically restart. Then when it BSODs, write down the error number (something like 0x-whatever). Google it.

c) Winlogon may be corrupted. On both XP and vista you can check by going to run and typing "sfc /scannow". Leave it for a while until its done, then reboot.

d) buffer overrun errors generally get patched in hotfixes, updqates and service packs. Search the microsoft websites and check for updates from within windows. Make sure you have SP3 if you run xp, and SP1 if you run vista.

e) after looking into these, report back.


Thanks you guys. I guess I just don't know enough about computers to get things fixed. Luckily, I still have a guarantee on my precious laptop, so I'm having my OS (Vista) reinstalled bij the manufacturer. That'll save me a lot of time.
But I want to thank everyone that has attempted to help me, it was much appreciated!

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