Let me first state I'm not the most technically inclined person, so please understand if I don't "get it" at first.

I received this error when I first turned on my computer yesterday, and it gave me to option "OK" and "Cancel". Neither of these options seemed to work. Next, I restarted it, going in with a F8 "Last know configuration". This seemed to let me get in and I updated my Trend Micro virus protection and restarted. From here I was able to log in and ran the virus protection and received and deleted 2 Adware programs. Because this happened on my computer at home I can't tell you the exact name of the programs which I deleted, but one had the name which many people have been discussing in other threads (started with a "V").

I thought everything was fixed, restarted the computer, and logged in. However no matter which way I log in (regular, safe mode, or last know configuration) the desktop comes up regularly but it reloads every five seconds or so. I spoke to Dell last night regarding this Inspiron laptop, and was told I would have to reload my entire computer. I would like to avoid this if possible.

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I understand your reluctance to re-install Windows but in this instance I agree with Dell. If your reluctance is mainly because you've got files you didn't backup, take this as a lesson learned the hard way.


By doing a re-install it appears like everything is working ok now. Although I did lose some data that wasn't backed up, I'm just happy to have to old computer back.


Doing a full reinstall will remove it again.

There are ways around it.

To keep your computer clean, do the following.

Download Avast and use that as your Antivirus.

Run Malwarebytes weekly, remembering to update it before scanning, and removing everything it finds, and then rebooting.

Then, weekly or so, run ccleaner, just to keep things clean.

Good Luck,


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