I am new to this site - and I have been reading up the guides on preventing virus infection and other nasties. I would like some views on whether SpySweeper is now antivirus or antispyware - or both and whether it matters.

I find advice on using appropriate antivirus software confusing. In most cases I am told that you shouldn't run 2 antivirus programs.

I am using Vista Premium with OneCare on two networked PCs (and on my laptop).

I have been using Windows Live OneCare for a couple of years now, backed up with SpySweeper (before it added antivirus). A couple of months ago WebRoot added antivirus to my SpySweeper (without asking me) when I updated it.

So - should I always make sure I don't try and run SpySweeper and OneCare atr the same time? I like OneCare as it integrates with Vista well and makes using 3 separate printers easy to print from any PC on the network.

I find AdAware conflicts so I don't use it, and SpyBot also seems to conflict - so I have been using OneCare and SpySweeper for my protection - occasionally running Malwarebytes AntiMalware to try and spot malware.

Should I try to have another spyware program running all the time alongside OneCare and dump SpySweeper (which now seems to be called Webroot Antivirus)?

To be honest, if it were my choice, and I have to tell you I don't use either, the programs I use are all FREE, but if I had to get rid of one of these paid programs then I would Uninstall Windows Live OneCare. It doesn't rank in the top 10 on any lists.
Most of the lab tests rank it's anti-virus portion of the program at average or below.
Here are some reviews for you to take a look at and maybe help you make the decision:





Many, many thanks jholland

It seems that, from these reviews, I ditch OneCare and focus just on SpySweeper (after all, I have paid for both). Then, when the subscription runs out I can rethink whether to move over to a free system altogether (although I always feel a little suspicious of totally free security software - which is a completely illogical approach as I happily use other free software without a worry).

I really appreciate the links.

Now - I need to find a way to link up my printers so I can print on any of them via my network - as I currently have this provided by Onecare. Any further advice?

Post the make and model of the printers and I will do some searching for you.


I have a Samsung Colour Laser - Model CLP-500
I have a Brother B&W Laser - Model HL-5250DN
I have a Canon Pixma IP 6000D

Ok, I will do some research and come back when I find something.
So you have three computers, each with it's own printer and you want to be able to send a document from one to the other two and be able to print from all three printers from all three computers...correct?
What OS's do all three computers have?

Sorry to be a bit slow - I was lighting a fire (we have snow here in the UK) and was away from the PC for a spell.

Basically I have 2 PCs - one running Vista Premium SP1 and the other XP-SP2.

The Vista one has the 2 lasers - the XP one has the Canon all via USB.

I have networked the 2 PCs using a router and have a direct connection between the 2 PCs and the router - and I have a wifi network so I can use my laptop if needed.

It seems a bit complicated but it works - and I tried to link the Brother to the router direct but it never seemed to work (don't know why and I lost patience a bit as using Onecare it was working fine).

Of course - as I have paid for Onecare I could possibly switch the virus off and use SpySweeper - but I have a feeling OneCare would perpetually nag me about the lack of antivirus if I did. If I could do that I could keep the printers linked and the Onecare firewall - I suppose.

This is where I start to get a bit lost.

Ideally I want to be able to print to any printer from either PC.

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Almost wish I hadn't asked!
Let me look around, though to be honest, you may have lost me here!


Don't worry - I will try to solve it myself. I'll let you know if I do.

But thanks for the advice so far.