I am new to this site - and I have been reading up the guides on preventing virus infection and other nasties. I would like some views on whether SpySweeper is now antivirus or antispyware - or both and whether it matters.

I find advice on using appropriate antivirus software confusing. In most cases I am told that you shouldn't run 2 antivirus programs.

I am using Vista Premium with OneCare on two networked PCs (and on my laptop).

I have been using Windows Live OneCare for a couple of years now, backed up with SpySweeper (before it added antivirus). A couple of months ago WebRoot added antivirus to my SpySweeper (without asking me) when I updated it.

So - should I always make sure I don't try and run SpySweeper and OneCare atr the same time? I like OneCare as it integrates with Vista well and makes using 3 separate printers easy to print from any PC on the network.

I find AdAware conflicts so I don't use it, and SpyBot also seems to conflict - so I have been using OneCare and SpySweeper for my protection - occasionally running Malwarebytes AntiMalware to try and spot malware.

Should I try to have another spyware program running all the time alongside OneCare and dump SpySweeper (which now seems to be called Webroot Antivirus)?

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To be honest, if it were my choice, and I have to tell you I don't use either, the programs I use are all FREE, but if I had to get rid of one of these paid programs then I would Uninstall Windows Live OneCare. It doesn't rank in the top 10 on any lists.
Most of the lab tests rank it's anti-virus portion of the program at average or below.
Here are some reviews for you to take a look at and maybe help you make the decision:






Many, many thanks jholland

It seems that, from these reviews, I ditch OneCare and focus just on SpySweeper (after all, I have paid for both). Then, when the subscription runs out I can rethink whether to move over to a free system altogether (although I always feel a little suspicious of totally free security software - which is a completely illogical approach as I happily use other free software without a worry).

I really appreciate the links.

Now - I need to find a way to link up my printers so I can print on any of them via my network - as I currently have this provided by Onecare. Any further advice?



I have a Samsung Colour Laser - Model CLP-500
I have a Brother B&W Laser - Model HL-5250DN
I have a Canon Pixma IP 6000D


Ok, I will do some research and come back when I find something.
So you have three computers, each with it's own printer and you want to be able to send a document from one to the other two and be able to print from all three printers from all three computers...correct?
What OS's do all three computers have?


Sorry to be a bit slow - I was lighting a fire (we have snow here in the UK) and was away from the PC for a spell.

Basically I have 2 PCs - one running Vista Premium SP1 and the other XP-SP2.

The Vista one has the 2 lasers - the XP one has the Canon all via USB.

I have networked the 2 PCs using a router and have a direct connection between the 2 PCs and the router - and I have a wifi network so I can use my laptop if needed.

It seems a bit complicated but it works - and I tried to link the Brother to the router direct but it never seemed to work (don't know why and I lost patience a bit as using Onecare it was working fine).

Of course - as I have paid for Onecare I could possibly switch the virus off and use SpySweeper - but I have a feeling OneCare would perpetually nag me about the lack of antivirus if I did. If I could do that I could keep the printers linked and the Onecare firewall - I suppose.

This is where I start to get a bit lost.

Ideally I want to be able to print to any printer from either PC.


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Almost wish I hadn't asked!
Let me look around, though to be honest, you may have lost me here!



Don't worry - I will try to solve it myself. I'll let you know if I do.

But thanks for the advice so far.

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