I logged into my account today and was presented by 6 "threats" found by AVG. However, when trying to remove them as a power user, it said that the files did not exist. Also if I recall, the pathway to the file was somewhere in the system restore. I accused my brother for having downloaded something harmful (since often times he does...), and now once again I'm stuck here cleaning my computer.

The problem, however, is that this virus is very sneaky. My brother confesses that he thinks its been on the desktop for a while. Although he is younger, he knows more about programming than me and explained that it might be a "polymorphic" virus (which apparently changes itself everytime it is scanned). I'm therefore thinking of turning off system restore to scan and delete it, but there's a catch 22, if i do turn it off to run a scan wothout, I will loose any possibility to restore my cpu to an earlier state (if it fails).

I'm currently doing Pandasoftware scan and I will post up a hijackthis report after it finishes and I do a bit of cookie cleaning. Panda has already found 9 threats at 11%...

If anybody has any suggestions in the meantime I would be very greatful.

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I forgot to add that I tried to install Vundofix but it is not installing for some reason. At the very end of the process it just stops, tells me there is an error and uninstall the components it installed.

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