I currently have TrendMicro Pc-Cillin Internet Security 14 as protection for my computer. After reading some more, I have found that BitDefender might be a better (and free!) alternative. Do you think I should switch from Pc-Cillin Internet Security 14 to BitDefender? Why or why not? If not, can you recommend a better solution (free if possible). I have read some stats on AVG and I am definitely not going to use that. It has a OK protection rate but there have been many problems. On my desktop I've tried Norton 360; it was a terrible nightmare that totally...well..screwed up my computer. I now have Avira on my Desktop, but I would prefer free, but without the ads to upgrade to pro after updates. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

As Crunchie said, Avast.

I highly recommend it, it has stopped many things on my desktop, and my previous laptop.

So, all in all, Avast is the best!