Someone sent me a .scr file and I accepted it and ran it.

It started to run, and it opened the Microsoft Photo Editor program, but then it stopped, and the .scr file was gone

Now, EVERYTHING is disabled by the administrator. I need help, I think someone is accessing my computer.

Things are being typed into this box that I am not even typing.

I can't even run CMD.

EDIT: I am on another computer now. Someone please help me out as soon as possible, as I have an assignment due in a few hours and I need to kno what to do. Someone has definately hacked into that computer. The internet is disabled now, but I need to use the internet to finish my assignment.

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Use a different PC to download the latest versions of the following:

Trojan Remover


Start your PC in 'Safe Mode' and if it will run install those programs one bu one and run full scans with them, allowing each to remove the things it finds. Reboot (again into safe mode) after scanning with each tool.

Reboot again as nornmal, and see if your system is operational. You've picked up an unwanted intruder, and you need to get rid of it.

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