Anyone know of a automated (does not have to be easy) system to run various virus scans against an infected machine?

I was thinking of virtualizing the infected disk and then running some virtualized systems with anti malware loaded on them against it.

Just an Idea I am kicking around.....

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If your talking about PCs infected in a corporate environment it’s highly recommended that those infected PCs be disconnected to the server immediately and manually scan and cleaned.

Norton Anti Virus and McAfee if setup as a sever, can designate a remote PC to act as monitoring point, you will be able to see the activities and push updates and scan to any PC in the network as long as the agent is installed on those PCs. This is one way you can remotely run a virus scan clean up to a PC you can also automate this process, when anti virus detect a virus or malware it can automatically scan the PC. Still if Anti Virus detected an infected PC disconnecting this infected PC is safer than trying to fix it remotely or un-attended.

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