As stated in the title, my laptop, upon powering on, loads the bios and takes me to a screen saying: "No bootable devices--strike F1 to retry boot, F2 for setup utility--Press F5 to run onboard diagnostics."

Naturally, I press F5.

CPU Time Stamp Calibration Test Passes

PM Timer 1 Passes

PIC Funcionality Test Passes

A20 Gate Test passes

Start DST Short Test Fails
ERROR CODE: 1000-0140
Msg: No hard drive detected.

My question is: Is my hard drive bad or is my laptop need replaced?

The drive is either bad or has a loose connection.
Check the connections first, data cable, power cable or however it's plugged in to the MOBO.
You could also try removing the drive and try it in another PC, if end result is the same, you know the drive is bad.

Thank You. I took the drive out and installed it into a Dell Latitude D630 and got same result. Figures the day I planned to back all my music, videso, pics, school work up it would fail. Thank you for the suggestion. Honestly would never have thought to try it in another laptop.

All is not lost, you can slave the drive to another PC and try to access your files that way and then back them up from there.


How would I go about doing that with a laptop HD?

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