Hi, first let me stress - I have no real computer knowledge and most of the phrases etc mean nothing to me!
I'm a stay at home mum and work from home making stationery etc and my husband bought me an external hard drive to back all my work up to (loads and loads of photos) as I lost everything TWICE through my computer dying on me. The computer is rubbish and has been from the day I got it (fijitsu siemens) It has had replacement memory boards, hard drives and basically been rebuilt more times than I care to remember. It's insured so they won't bite the bullet and give me a new one - just keep giving me the inconvenience of this one.

The hard drive worked with my computer up unti lthe last time it went in for repair. I try to open it to read the files but it says I/O error. I read someplace that this was due to a 'driver error' so purchased "driver fetch" in the misguided belief that this would rectify everything - NOT!

Can someone please please help. I need to retrieve a lot of repeat order work which I am lost without. But please don't get too technical with me!

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Can i let me know.are you facing this problem only for the particular file or all files at the time of opening ?

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