a virus on my computer wont let me use the internet, it can connect with limited access but no further. It will not let me run network diagnostics and says that i have to activate it manually. When i try to activate it manually, i get a message saying

"Windows could not start the Diagnostic Policy Service on Local Computer.

Error 5: Access is denied"

When i try to activate the firewall, i get a message saying
"Security Center can't turn on Windows firewall
Turn on Windows Firewall manually"

then when i try to update the Firewall settings, i get an error message saying
"Windows Firewall was unable to make the requested updates"

Does anyone have any idea as to how i could get rid off this virus? It doesn't get detected when i run a virus scan...

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Can you manually, say from a CD or Flash drive, put HiJackThis on there and run a scan? Obviously you are not using the affected computer.
If you can also download Malwarebytes' to a flash drive, take it to the affected computer along with the manual update file and run a full scan maybe you will be able to remove whatever it is. If you can then get the logs and copy/paste them here.


Both programs produce logs to show you when the scans are complete.
Either save them as .txt files and move them via flash or cd to the computer you are using or else IF that infected computer can get here then copy/paste them when they open and post them here.

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