Dear Pals,

I am new to the forum and the reason iam here is because ive the same problem in one of my home PC. It was working fine and has Win XP Sp2. Now for past 2 days iam nto able to open yahoo, google and ESET.com. Ive ESET NOD32 on the system and also have tries all malware bytes and few more spy detect s/w but all end up with 0 threats. The problem is there and eating time.

I ve seen a response for the registry but i want some one to guide me how we can do this...it would be great favor. Looking forward to some quick response.

RESPONSE found in forum but need help: anyway, i think i found the problem. google.com, search.yahoo.com and search.msn.com all were redirected to the localhost ( in the registry...
(and it only took me 3 days to figure that out and 2 hours of digging in the registry. lol)
Thanks for all the help and pointing me in the right directions!



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run 'spybot search and destroy'. (it can be found at download.com) if that don't work i'll give you the registry keys to delete if, in fact, it is the same thing I had.


Leave the registry ALONE.

agreed! i hesitate to give info on registry editing unless absolutely needed and last resort and are prepared to reinstall windows if something goes wrong.

something i just thought of, try running microsoft malicious software removal tool by clicking:
in xp if updates have been applied regularly, start -> run -> type 'mrt' without the quotes, and press enter.
in vista, click the windows icon and just type mrt and press enter.

do a full scan.

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