My usb just have recycler, and whenever recycler comes back, i dont even try to touch it, but my friend accidentally click recycler even though he knows that it is a virus, and he proudly says that it doesnt work out on Mac.

and the disadvantage for me is that all my files has been corrupted by Recycler... i hope there would still be ways on retrieving the files, even though the computer say that my usb is not formatted...

i have some back-up files of the older files, but i dont have for the new files..

i hope i can still retrieve it if anyone of you guys knew something...

help please....:'(

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Hmmm.... would begin by hopping onto said Mactards machine and dragging system files into "Trash".... and then emptying said Trash. You can then proudly respond with "that wouldn't happen on Windows" :D

As to the recovery of files on the USB drive, you might be pushing it.... thus the reason to ALWAYS back-up your files, and NOT to a flash-drive. If files were stored on a hard-drive (either system or external), would have a MUCH greater chance of repair. Flash-drives (utilising FAT or FAT32 file system) is just to fragile to use to back-up crucial data... if flash-drive becomes corrupted, your files are toast!

BTW, if you knew you had a malware issue, why didn't you do something about it instead of leaving it??


btw... all this virus infection thingie just happened in just a day... while i inserted my usb on my friends laptop, which is a mac, the recycler comes up, then first, i didnt touch it knowing it would make things worst, then suddenly, my friend just clicked the virus accidentally, thats how it happened...

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