I Can't defrag my vista computer everytime i click to see if i can defrag it says system can be improved defrag now and i do it gives me the same message. Also i cant donwload mp3 files for some reason
everytime i download it and i send it to desktop and after it is done downloaded i click it. it says file cannot be found


Windows Vista Home Edition, Dell, Vostro 200 , 1012 MB RAM

I can not defrag my computer. Everytime i scan for my computer to be defrag it says that operating system and be improved. then i click defrag after a few mins same message pops ups.

Also everytime i download a mp3 file i save it to the desktop, and it is done downloaded i click it and it says file cannot be found

Please HELP

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Run chkdsk from command prompt with /f switch on your C drive. It will schedule system partition check on next boot. Try defragmenting after that.

For the mp3 files, are you sure you are clicking the actual files, and not shortcuts? Vista is a real pain in the neck when it comes to using anything that is in "progam files" folder. Better to avoid downloading anything there.

Try moving the files to some other folder.

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yea im sure im click the file this has never happen before until a month ago or so


Possibly bad file associations?
Try opening the file from some media player. Most of the players (including windows media player) can re-associate the files.


no i download all of my songs from the same place for all my songs :[ maybe it is a spyware


I don't think you understood me.

You said that you can't open mp3 files by double-clicking them? That is why I assume that your file associations (that are responsible for running the player and loading the file into it) are bad.

You should start, say, Windows media player from "start/programs" or rightclick on mp3 file and select "open with" if available (if not, try holding shift or ctrl key while right-clicking).

It just might be that DRM kicked in on you. (Digital rights management, a.k.a. Digital Restrictions management). More on the subject here.

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